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Client Feedback

"I have never done reiki before, but Gabby made me feel so comfortable the entire time! She explained everything she was doing the entire time, went at a pace I was comfortable with, and the outcomes were incredible. I immediately felt a shift in my daily thinking after our session! I can’t wait to have many more sessions with her, I highly recommend!!"

Ashley N.

I found Gabby to be as charming as she was eloquent. She explained everything to this first-timer perfectly, and put me at ease right away. My reading was outstanding, and by the time the Reiki began, I was open and ready to receive the healing energy I so needed. Afterwards I felt relaxed, clear, grounded and invigorated! I'd recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with the daily stressors we're all challenged with. I enjoyed my session very much and the results were even better than I hoped for. It's wonderful to know that this option is available and that Gabby is such a gifted practitioner. I'm already looking forward to my next session!

Jon R.

“I approached Gabby asking for a Reiki session in at time where my anxiety and overall mental health was at a major low point. The session was incredibly beneficial and Gabby was absolutely amazing from helping me to create a zen space for myself, to the actual Reiki session. Gabby is an incredibly gifted light worker. Every card she pulled for me was accurate and all things I needed to hear. I’ve never been more at ease with myself then I was while she was working on me. I was finally able to turn my thoughts off for a little while. I could even feel sensations where she was working her magic even though it was a zoom session! I felt so much better after the session and really enjoyed my experience. I would absolutely recommend Gabby to anyone who is looking for an amazing Reiki experience.”

Katie J.

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