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My Story

My journey as a healer began in 2019. I was in the beginning of a spiritual awakening: meditating daily, reading and immersing myself in Law of Attraction, and seeking guidance from spiritual teachers. One night while I was meditating, a thought popped in my head. I heard, "you are gifted and meant to heal others." I didn't know what that meant exactly, but I knew the Universe had a plan laid out for me, and I was open to receiving. A few weeks later, I received my first Reiki healing, and my healer told me, "you are meant to do this too." 

Everything easily fell into place. I was connected with mentors, a Reiki master, and certification dates were set up. By March 2020, I was officially attuned to give Reiki, and excited to launch my business.

About two weeks after I announced I was ready to give healings to family, friends, and clients, the world shut down due to COVID-19. Many people reached out to me about their stress and anxiety, but with everyone in quarantine, I was unable to give healings. That was when I had the idea to give virtual reiki sessions, and Well Within My Soul as my business was born.

When I'm not doing Reiki healings, I am working as a full-time speech-language pathologist in Queens, and performing on stage across Long Island! Having a spiritual practice helps me be a better educator and performer, and strengthens the relationship I have with myself. 

My goal is not to heal you. My goal is to help you find the power within you that allows you to heal yourself. I believe every person is able to transform their life, you just have to reconnect to your inner strength.

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